Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My comment on the SOTU over at Talking Points Memo "Cafe"

Check it out, the Cafe is a highly functional peer reviewed message board that makes a great compliment for one of the best websites, Talking Points Memo, for political commentary. Josh Marshall has it set up so that reader defined usefulness is given editorial priority, I think. Anyway, my shit is getting published, so their editors are obviously brilliant:

i won't be watching [the SOTU address] and neither should any self respecting american, because despite the value in the institution and in the constitution which requires this farce, bush would rather choke on a pretzel than go report to congress. i'll be damned if i am empowering him in any way shape or form, and if this is, as billed, more of the "rah rah sis boom bah, we're right and you are all wrong", i'd rather miss it entirely. i fully expect this buffon to continue the charade that he could somehow lead his way out of a phone booth on his own.

peace and good health to all of you, friends, both values that have been retarded during this administration, and no one needs some nitwit to tell them otherwise.


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