Tuesday, November 27, 2007

did you have a mean old man?

On my own
How could I have known?
Imagine my surprise
Just a fool
From a tree full of fools
Who cant believe his eyes
Imagine my surprise

I was a mean old man
I was an ornery cuss
I was a dismal dan
I made an awful fuss
Ever since my life began
Man, it was ever thus
I was a nasty tyke who was hard to like

I had to misbehave
I did things in reverse
Refused to wash or shave
I was horrid to my nurse
I got back what I gave
Which only made me worse
I had to have my way
Which was bleak and gray, oh dear

Living in here
One hundred years of rain
Such a drag
This riches to rags
With just myself to blame
A dirty low-down shame

Silly me
Silly old me
Somewhere outside my mind
Clever you
Walking me through
Willing to lead the blind
Just in the nick of time

Who gets a second chance?
Who gets to have some fun?
Who gets to learn to dance
Before his race is run?
Who gets to shed his skin?
Who comes up born again?
Who was a mean old man
til you turned him into a golden retriever
a puppy dog
who's a good boy?

a good dog.
a lucky dog.

We all miss our parents when we can't sense them any longer

We were ring-around-the-rosy children
They were circles around the sun
Never give up, never slow down
Never grow old, never ever die young

Synchronized with the rising moon
Even with the evening star
They were true love written in stone
They were never alone, they were never that far apart

And we who couldn't bear to believe they might make it
We got to close our eyes
Cut up our losses into doable doses
Ration our tears and sighs

You could see them on the street on a Saturday night
Everyone used to run them down
They're a little too sweet, they're a little too tight
Not enough tough for this town

We couldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole
No, it didn't seem to rattle at all
They were glued together body and soul
That much more with their backs up against the wall

Oh, hold them up, hold them up
Never do let them fall
Prey to the dust and the rust and the ruin
That names us and claims us and shames us all

I guess it had to happen someday soon
Wasn't nothing to hold them down
They would rise from among us like a big balloon
Take the sky, forsake the ground

Oh, yes, other hearts were broken
Yeah, other dreams ran dry
But our golden ones sail on, sail on
To another land beneath another sky

Friday, November 02, 2007

My Letter to 790 the Ticket, Sports Talk Radio in Miami


Steve White
Program Director
790 the Ticket

Dear Mr. White:

Where were the adults when the decision was made to promote Sid Rosenberg's show with a clip castigating some caller for comparing Ann Coulter to Hitler???

This is a woman who openly espouses violence and worse against non Christians and liberals. I know Mr. Rosenberg can't control his own worst impulses, which is why I and many others choose not to pay any attention to him when we can help it. To hear him openly and smugly support Ann Coulter and your stupid decision to program her is bad enough. To hear his GOP-fueled outtakes in the middle of the day when those of us are unsuspecting is simply intolerable to me. To know that you intentionally ran his flatulence as a promo in the middle of another show takes it out of the realm of Sid's obvious ignorance and into that of your own. You made a BIG Mistake.

I honestly don't know what you were thinking. I only heard this spot in the middle of the day because my dial was tuned to Dan and Stu's show for the drive home yesterday. I think they are hilarious, but this business with you bringing in political hacks like Rosenberg and Coulter just lost me. I won't use your advertisers, if I ever listen to your station again. Lebatard isn't THAT funny. If you really want to go for the mouth-breathers, then you should have Sid cover NASCAR and limit his nasal inanities to such times. That is, keep him in his cave and don't let him on the air when any intellectuals may hear him. That way, he won't mistakenly treat ALL of your list eners as though they are those Neanderthals that actually agree with his political views.

Frankly, I believe Coulter may be reasonably compared to Hitler, if only in respect of her mendacious propaganda. Someone should inform the nose with a cranium that Hitler spoke out and fomented hatred with propaganda long before he had killed anyone, so it's entirely appropriate to criticize hate speech by comparing another hater to Hitler even if those such as Coulter only urge violence. It's no excuse that they may not have yet achieved their aims.

It's certainly understood that Coulter has these radical, extreme views. Anyone with a pulse knows this by now. Yet here is Sid the Melon belittling the reasoning of someone with mainstream views IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR LESS OFFENSIVE PROGRAMMING as though we need a recovering drug addict to tell us what is and isn't so politically. (Here's a suggestion: Maybe Sid can get a job with Rush Limbaugh and they can get high together while they blather. Or maybe you can hire Neil Rogers for some equal time. Good luck with that.)

I'll never forget this, just as I have never forgiven ESPN for having Rush on there. I've never, ever supported anyone who advertises on ESPN since then. Now you'll get the same treatment. I intend to write your advertisers and any sports teams associated with your station to bring this reasonable objection to their attention, as well. I will blog these views. In fact, I intend to castigate your station and this morning dunce to anyone who will listen. Maybe you'll pick up some rich, fat-cat GOP'ers, but you are going to lose your blue-collar crowd, just as you've insulted me. Your organization should show greater sensibilities and hire someone with greater sensitivity to others than Mr. Rosenberg. And, Mr. White, I would make this same suggestion to your boss.

Sincerely and vehemently yours,

Chris from Boca

Cc: Neil Rogers

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i think Barack's already made a deal with Hillary for VP or secretary of state

Barack Obama called up the NYT a couple of days ago to announce that he plans to attack Hillary for being too poll-driven and vague and disciplined, and since then has worked to make poll-driven and vague and disciplined look good by a series of gaffes, including lecturing gays (oh all right, L’s, G’s, B’s and T’s), who he believes are “hermetically sealed from the faith community,” by which he means that he thinks they never ever hear homophobic Christians saying that they’re going to hell, and are the poorer for it.

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