Saturday, May 13, 2006

this is odd

'Edit Search: "phone surveillance" Database: NEWSUS-PRO

Results: 0 Documents

Westlaw is unable to process your request.'

the link in the search hit in the email i receive every morning didn't work; the search reproduced above returned the reults noted on 5/11/06 (none); the program otherwise appears functional and many other searches were completed successfully.

Monday, May 08, 2006

hey, as long as we try them first...

Bush said in the interview with ARD on Thursday that either way the court rules, "they will get a trial which they, themselves, were unwilling to give to the people that they're willing to kill."

tricky ricky santorum, the shame of the keystone state

In 1999 Ricky’s wife sued a chiropractor after a back injury left her with permanent back pain and disability for life. They sued for $500,000, and the jury held the chiropractor accountable and provided $350,000 in compensation.

But today Rick Santorum is pushing a medical malpractice bill in Congress that would limit pain and suffering damages for injured patients like his wife to $250,000.