Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wounded Soldiers

Plame Leak

caused ten (10) year setback in CIA's Iran intelligence.

Woodcock: sex-based cults could result from medication

according to a staff memo that suggests the bush FDA appointee was concerned Plan B might lead to extreme teenage promiscuity.

Makes you wonder what the woodcockian teen years were like.
here's some questions for today's gaggle about gas prices:

shouldn't the fat disgusting ceo of exxon be paid a few shillings less this year so some kid in Trenton can maybe make it down to the seashore once this summer?which of the four points amounts to anything greater than lip service? isn't the cat already out of the oil bag? and by invading the middle east and threatening iran, hasn't bush assured this? wasn't this the motive for 9/11 all along, whether bush knew about it or not? haven't the oil companies, arguably the most powerful economic force in the world, the most to gain from war and the aftermath of terrorist attacks? does't it make sense to invest the leadership of the nation in a different political block, considering that concentration of economic power in the oil companies and the military indutrial complex? isn't that a more reasonable approach to separating power for the sake of limiting it's most harsh consequenmces on all of humanity, you fucking dickhead?

maybe wait for scottie's replacement to ask these. ok? is that this week? bloated piece of shit.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

father christmas give us some money

we'll shoot you up if you make us annoyed.

what role models could possibly exist for kids who plan to shoot up the school in order to solve their problems?

Monday, April 24, 2006

seen on bartcop

Subject: Gas Price Gouging

"I'm concerned about higher gasoline prices," Bush says.
"The government has the responsibility to make sure that we watch very carefully and investigate
possible price-gouging, and we will do just that," Do I believe that? I still remember how he said he
was going to investigate the leaks related to the outing of the CIA agent.

Bush called for a criminal investigation to "get to the bottom" of it
just to find out that he was the one behind it.

They can pretend that the high price of gas is because of "world demand" and "political uncertainty"
and "converting to ethanol", but when I see the president of Exxon getting a retirement bonus of
close to half a BILLION dollars it's pretty clear that it's greedy oil companies raping the public again.

These are the guys who met in secret with vice president Cheney to create the energy policies that
make them rich and us poor. When the oil companies are showing record profits it doesn't take a
genius to figure out that if they made a little less then we would be paying less at the pumps.
The quickest way to bring down gas prices is to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

The US Supreme Court

has agreed to tell the State of Florida how it may kill Clarence Hill.

Hill was convicted of killing Pensacola police Officer Stephen Taylor in 1982.

Taylor, 26, and Officer Larry Bailly had gone to investigate a silent alarm at a bank in downtown Pensacola, and caught Hill's partner, Cliff Jackson, outside the bank. As the officers attempted to handcuff Jackson, Hill came up from behind, killing Taylor and wounding Bailly. Hill was shot five times. Jackson was sentenced to life in prison.

Bailly, who is retired, did not respond to a request for comment made through the Pensacola Police Department.

Hill also has claimed he should not be executed since he is mentally retarded. That argument was rejected by the state Supreme Court, which noted that a mental evaluation showed his IQ was 16 points higher than the standard of 70 or below.

Taylor's family is growing weary after 24 years of delays, said his older brother, Jack Taylor. They want Hill dead and they were angry when his execution was halted.

"If they want me to, I'd put a bullet in his brain," said Taylor, 61, who lives in Pensacola.

"It needs to be done and it needs to be over with," said Linda Knouse, the slain officer's sister.